Resurrection Youth Page
This page was last updated on: December 4, 2016
Youth Group

A youth service is held every Sunday at 11:15 am. Currently members range in ages from 7 and up. There is no upper age limit. Members of all cultures and ethnicities are welcome. During the service all ages worship together in song, prayer, and bible reading. Prior to the sermon, two groups are formed; the younger children ages 7 to 12 are taught by designated teachers and those 13 and up are included in the main service conducted by Nancy Bianco. After the service, young and old gather for lunch which is provided for a minimal suggested donation of $3.

The Youth ministry has been involved in various community projects and fund raising activities, as well as holding a yearly retreat during one weekend in the summer. For example, the youth have visited church members in nursing homes and hospitals. They have participated several times in a yard cleanup for a bedridden women. They have held bake sales, breakfast and candy sales, in order to donate money to various charities. Most recently $400 was raised and donated to an organization  called " The Monday Life" which strives to help hospitalized chiildren heal faster by donating art, games, books, and toys to children's units in hospitals. During 2012 the youth had a yearlong fundraising project with a goal of raising $4,800 in order to build a water well in a country with no clean drinking water. The well would provide clean water to a community of 1,000 people. Not only was the goal reached, but was exceeded by $1,500! The youth group was able to donate enough money to help build a well through the "Life Today" Ministry. They were also able to donate the extra funds to a pastor who was starting a ministry and in need of help.

The youth group is always looking for new members. If you know of any young people who have a desire for fellowship with them please put the word out about the group. Your prayers are needed that the youth group will grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, that they will share their faith with other teens, and be a light to them in this world. 

Call the Church Office at 718-463-4292
for up to date information on youth activities.